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<< Someone on an inter kingdom list  mentioned ,that we as a rapier
 > community do not have any goals. I would like to see what our list
 > thinks of this idea.  .................
And then Larken said.....

>>> THE GOAL?  It's a truism and soundx quite trite but if there is only 
 to be ONE goal I would like it to be to "have fun safely." .... >>

First off -- Larken you are right...but I think that Marquet's question is 
trying to go deeper.  We as a community tend to stagnate and not progress 
further or farther.  Here in Ansteorra rapier is not going to disappear as it 
does in other kingdoms due to the whim of the crown.  It is part of our 
history and how we identify ourselves.  We as a community have become 
comfortable with this.....and at times it appears not to seeking anything 
more.  I think this is the bases of Marquet's a community 
where do we go from here -- where are our goals?

Learning to serve the dream,

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