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>I can only say that this saddens me that an individual thinks that only by
>having a scarf, can they teach others.  It happens too often that a
>perceived rank gives an air of expertise.  Anyone can pass on relative
>information to anyone else.  Just because a person is scarved does not make
>that individual an expert.

I agree with you. But what I said was some Dons and Cadets have not let me 
teach. Not because I was doing it wrong, several others were satisfied with 
the way I was teaching, but for some other reason. The only reason I have 
been able to figure is I did not have a scarf. I've seen Cadets teach 
something one way and no one said anything about it. But when I taught the 
same thing the same way, I was told it was all wrong and I shouldn't teach 
it that way. I still teach. And as long as someone asks me for help, I will 
If anybody, even a newbie, sees me do or say something wrong, please let me 
know. I will correct myself immediately. But before someone tells me I'm 
wrong, find out why I said or did whatever was wrong and then correct me. 
One can be corrected in private or public in such a way the individual 
doesn't feel they're being treated like an idiot.
I would like a scarf because it seems it will be easier to teach. But I 
would really like a scarf because it shows I'm respected by my peers. Not 
because of the prestige(read extra work which I wouldn't mind) and honor(my 
honor is shown in the way I act on and off the field) the scarf will bring.

Please allow me to set straight something I said which might have misled 
you. When I said some Dons, I should have said three Dons. And when I said 
some Cadets, I meant five or six Cadets. I don't want you, the reader, to 
think I'm saying all Dons or all Cadets are like this. On the contrary, I 
have encountered several Dons and Cadets whom I would have be proud to call 
my friends. There are four Dons I consider good friends and try to emulate. 
And there are several Cadets that when they come Dons if they were to offer 
me a scarf I would seriously consider taking it. I have nothing but respect 
for the way the rapier community is structured. But just because someone has 
a scarf on his/her shoulder it doesn't make them right ALL the time. And 
just because someone doesn't have one doesn't make them wrong either.

If I offended anyone, I'm sorry. But until you've experience what I have, 
don't hold what I feel against me.

Toshiro Koi

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