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Robert Kern Wolfe at
Sat Jun 5 10:01:02 PDT 1999

> >Toshiro, I know where you are coming from, to a point.
> >
> >  Fact is: your personal rapport with your students should
> >overshadow that.  If they have faith and trust in you, what some idiot
> >a scarf says shouldn't matter.
> >
> >
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> True. But when you just met someone at some event for the first time and
> you're trying to teach them something, what a scarf says does matter to
> student. And that's where my experiences have been.
What comes here is the root core of respect.  Respect is earned, not given.
I know this is a cliche, but it's very true.  If you are a good teacher give
it time.  Why sould your students be patient with you, if you aren't patient
with them?  Give them time to trust you.

How to tell if you are a good teacher: Do you take more pride in your
abilities, or your students?

When we went to Festival of Japan, one of my students took first place in
the tourney, and it was his first tourney at that.  He beat me doing so.  I
was tickled to death about it.

I have never had a scarf, and don't feel the lack of one either.  I love to
fence and to teach, simply because I love both.  I don't need a scrap of
cloth to enjoy it.  I just LOVE TO FENCE.

Oh, by the way everyone.  Wish me luck.  They are operating on my knee this
coming friday.  It will determine whether I ever fence again or not.

Very nervous,
Robert Wolfe
Rapier Marshall of Falconridge

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