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>Greetings Toshiro San,
>When I first started learning to fence almost everyone told me that my
>posture was wrong and that I should have my feet placed just so and
>should step just so and lunge just so....  I tried to do as they said, but 
>didn't feel natural to me. Then at Known World Academy of the Rapier
>Antoine Dore asked me if I had been studying De Grassi very long and I
>said "Who/what is De Grassi?" and was introduced to one period fencing
>master's idea of a fencing style. [Or at least one englishman's translation
>of an Italian fencing master's  teachings].  One statement that this person
>made to me was that if I continued to study and practice this method then I
>had best get used to "everybody" telling me I was doing it wrong.

And if you had been a newbie and someone supposably more experienced and 
knowledgable in rapier had walked up and told Antoine Dore he was wrong and 
was teaching you wrong, whom would you have believed?


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