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Sun Jun 6 23:22:04 PDT 1999

    Speaking for myself, I viewe my cadet scarf as representing much more
than a student teacher relationship.  I see it as wearing the honor of my
don on my shoulder (much like the favor of a lady or lord).  It invites
others to reprouch me if I behave in an manner which is uncourtly, either
directly or through my don.  It represents my fealty to my don and through
him to the crown.  Most importantly it represents my dedication to one day
being worthy of wearing a white scarf and trying to live up to my ideal of
what a don should be.
    I don't mean to say that the many across the lands who do not wear a
scarf don't share the same ideas or aspirations.  There are many much
further along the path to the white scarf than I who choose not to wear a
scarf of any color for many different reasons (which are their own).

Returning form my long sabbatical,
Jean Paul Saint Michel
Cadet to Don Modius
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On 6 Jun 99, at 10:07, Marcus Hite wrote:

> ............there are no real requirements to becoming a cadet,
> but before you take a red scarf form someone,  my advice is get to know
> them first.....Maybe become their student for awhile and see if you can
> learn from them and if you can get along....


> May we meet on the field as friends,
> Marquet de la Heyt
> Student to Don Donovan

You seem to make a difference between Student and Cadet.  Would you
explain the differences that you see between the two?  I can see where a
person can be a student without being a cadet, but I fail to see where the
opposite can be true.

" Thought for the day:
let us be of good cheer, remembering that misfortunes hardest
to bear are those which never come.
            --      James Russell Lowell (1819-1891) "

Larkin O'Kane
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