ARN - Scarf meanings (was Cadets in Court)

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Mon Jun 7 21:02:28 PDT 1999

LTThumper at wrote:
> Torshio the best thing to do is teach them the best way you now how, and tell
> them this work for me like this( or something along those lines) then tell
> them to listen to all teachers and anyone willing to teach them and use what
> works for them and remember the rest for devesive measures. Than how give a
> _____ about what someone says.
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Having had the honor of Toshiro's teachings, this is exactly how he does
it and to my recollection, almost verbatim (except that last part that I
didn't understand).  As a new fighter, Toshiro has spent more time
instructing me than anyone else in this kingdom and we live 5 hours away
from each other.  Because, at every event I have been at where he
attended, he made time to talk to me and answer my questions.  I have to
admit that I'm not very interested in "you're doing it wrong", but pay
much more attention to "some fighters do this because......." or "when
you're in this position, that will happen".  Maybe that's why I tend to
gravitate toward him if I see him at an event.

Just my 2 drachmas,

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