ARN - Scarf meanings (was Cadets in Court)

Bart Dversdall bartd at
Mon Jun 7 21:07:35 PDT 1999

    One of of the best teaching tools I have found to help me learn and pass on
to others as I teach is along the same lines.  I have gotten alot from many
fighter/don/cadets "This worked for me......see how it works for you"  I would
take that and modify to my style (which still needs alot of work).   Because the
most important thing is no one fights the same.  Its hard to convey this to newer
fighters, and its something I had a hard time learning, especially from one that
is half my size and ten times faster.  But as I teach I try to introduce the
fighters to as many other experienced fighters to help pick things up and learn
more.......This just my 2 cents worth.

Ld. Matthias Dversdall
Cadet to Don Donovan

LTThumper at wrote:

> Torshio the best thing to do is teach them the best way you now how, and tell
> them this work for me like this( or something along those lines) then tell
> them to listen to all teachers and anyone willing to teach them and use what
> works for them and remember the rest for devesive measures. Than how give a
> _____ about what someone says.
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