ARN - Rapier Peerage

Kelly R. Hammons khammons at
Mon Mar 1 08:04:46 PST 1999

I'm sure to be flamed, although I hope not because this is an honest

What would have to happen to make a Peerage available to fencers?

Would it take an action from the BoD? Or could some Kingdom on it's own
decide that it was going to start awarding deserving fencers with Peerage?

I'm rather new to the SCA. But I have fought with both rattan and with
rapier, both long enough to become somewhat proficient at it. And the more I
learn, the more it occurs to me that fighting with rattan and rapier are
essentially the same thing. The only _real_ differences are the type of
weapon, and the armor requirements.

Tomas Pancaldo

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