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Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Mar 1 15:40:46 PST 1999

Here are my thoughts on this issue....

Rapier, equestrian, KAST, and archery are all martial activities that cannot lead
directly to peerage.  These "orphan" martial pursuits are going to "push the
envelope" in a few years, when the populous begins looking at how to award exemplary
participants who are not members of the other peerages.  For example...what will
happen with Baroness Octavia, who stands out both in combat archery and equestrian?
Rapier, at least, has a Grant level award.  I'm wondering if eventually, the other
activities will push for at least this level of recognition.  It really IS a shame
that the Master of Arms award could not apply to more than Armored
combat....although it would probably have to lead to a split in the Chiv circle, and
a conversion of the "heavy" MOAs to something else.  Not likely to happen....


> But, a simple changing of words could allow the awarding of the other half of
> the Chivalry, Mastery of Arms..., and this would not infringe on the "mythos"
> that surrounds Knighthood.., and will allow rapier to be awarded "martially."
> Unfortunately, this brings us back to the quandry of the BOD's enigmatic
> opinion.
> Who knows?
> Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
> Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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