ARN - Stargate Rapier Practice

Dianna Herring dherring at
Fri Oct 15 18:18:47 PDT 1999


I don't know that it is such a good idea  for our new fighters, because they are not
getting the training they need to learn to fight.  They are wandering around faire
every weekend.  I suppose they are getting to see a lot of fighting  and getting
ideas for armor, though with all the demos and such.   But, the loaner stuff and
their local teachers are here.  Work and family obligations keep us from being able
to travel much these days.  Staltus's work and my obligations to help out with my
grandmother that is.  We will try to get out at least one weekend before the end of
faire but I am sure Shea would rather Staltus go fight in a list.   For that matter
Staltus would probably not like to turn me loose on the shops at faire with my
checkbook and credit cards in my pouch. OH boy shop till I drop.

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