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Thank you for the advice on how to spot a flexi.
The reason I was wondering how the other short blades were made was because
the rules also state that, "These blades will not be altered by grinding,
cutting, heating or other actions that could significantly alter their
temper, flexibility or durability. "  And then more specifically, "Rigid
metal "parrying-only" daggers such as those made from cut down blades will
not be allowed."
If those other dagger blades are made in anyway that violates these rules
then they are disallowed. If not then it might be worthwhile to check into
them more closely.
BTW this link seems to work better for Ansteorran rules.

En Servicio,

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>I looked at your link and the one marked flexible was a flexi dagger.  The
>give aways are the proportion and the rolled end.
>As far as legal, the Rapier rules on the web accessible through
> say flexi daggers, but they don't specify a brand, but rather
>say commercially produced, no longer than 25 inches, and reasonably
>flexible.  The link to the rules is here:
>Stephen Hawkins
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>> Greetings,
>> I was over at American Fencers Supply looking at their daggers and
>> they had a large selection of blades to choose from. Does anyone know if
>> these are just cut down versions of the blades they are named after? If
>> are not has anyone experimented with any of them? Am I correct in
>> that the one labled "flexible" is the flexi-dagger that I hear so much
>> and is the only one of the bunch allowable?
>> Thanks in advance for the help,
>> Roberto Maroquin
>> Bjornsborg
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