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Tue Sep 28 15:38:47 PDT 1999

Greetings to all of you marshals and those otherwise involved in youth

The following is the text of a response from Sir Kief regarding how we
will proceed in the matter of legal guardians.  I'll stick in the meat
of the text here, then come back in at the end and say more!!

(Portions snipped)

Wok. Let's try to get down to brass tacks on this issue.
My suggestion:
For right now, and for the next year (+/-) we state that "legal
guardian" be someone who has full court ordered custody or adoptive
parents.  That keeps the pool small, and makes it VERY easy to deal with

the small number of folks that this will apply to.


This will, unfortunately rule out grandparents, uncles, etc.., **for the

time being.**


Lets look at this thing a year from now, see where it's going, what
works well, what doesn't, etc.., then look at broadening some of our
policies to allow close relatives to sign some instrument to become
acceptable as a legal guardian (for purposes of SCA combat)..., or not,
if that's what we think best.  I think it's prudent to start narrow and
broaden as we can handle it administratively.


The spread of the activity will be
slow, but that lends to good administration.  If it suddenly blossoms
madly because we have "lightened up" the restrictions, then we could
easily become overwhelmed and have problems really keeping a handle on


This is what I'd like to do for rapier, but think it best if all youth
combat is on the same sheet of music.



I think that ya'll have the Youth Combat Program well in hand... Please

So.., there we have it.  The definition of a legal guardian, in terms of
being able to supervise minors in youth combat, will be one who is able
to show full legal guardianship, or an adoptive parent.  This includes
fighter practice.

Keep copious notes, fine tune your opinions, and sometime late next
year, Sir Kief has said he will revisit this issue toward possibly
relaxing this requirement.  For those who would like to see this relaxed
a bit that is sufficient time to get potential new wording together to
define legal guardian in a more broad way.  Until then, we have answered
the biggest question that was facing us.

Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov,
Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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