ARN - Ansteorran Rapier Rules

Charlie Cain larkin at
Tue Apr 11 18:47:22 PDT 2000

Is this the site?

If so I found these old rules there.

"These rules were signed into kingdom law on October 25, 1997 by TRM Kein and
Alisha, King and Queen of Ansteorra. "


gptaylor wrote:

> Hello!
> The new Ansteorran Rapier rules that have been signed into effect, and
> only to be published in an official fashion, can be found on the
> Anteorra Rapier Site,
> .
> This has been a public service announcement from Don Kazimir, brought to
> you by Isobel....  ;)
> HL Isobel Grace Hadleigh
> p.s.  If you are an Ansteorran Rapier Fighter and promise not to change
> the theme/decoration of this site for a year or so (until I stop
> thinking of all the work I put into it)...this site is available for
> adoption....
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