ARN - Re: RN- Ansteorran Rapier Rules

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed Apr 12 08:42:56 PDT 2000

Doh! what I ftp'd wasn't the newest version.  I'll blame
frontpage for putting it back on my other server.  The rules are there now.
The whole site is as listed before.  The actual rules are on the marshallate


gptaylor wrote:

> + -- RapierNet - From gptaylor <gtaylor at> --
> The new Ansteorran Rapier rules that have been signed into effect, and
> only to be published in an official fashion, can be found on the
> Anteorra Rapier Site,
> .
> This has been a public service announcement from Don Kazimir, brought to
> you by Isobel....  ;)
> HL Isobel Grace Hadleigh
> p.s.  If you are an Ansteorran Rapier Fighter and promise not to change
> the theme/decoration of this site for a year or so (until I stop
> thinking of all the work I put into it)...this site is available for
> adoption....
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