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Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at
Fri Apr 14 12:10:35 PDT 2000

This may not post from this address but I had to try. 

I don't know if this site has a Jerkin picture on it
but it is a good costume pic source. 


--- Curtis Myers <myersc at> wrote:
> Well I guess I didn't give enough information on
> myself,
> I am Caerell MacDomnaill born of the Highland in
> 1160.  As a young man I
> found me way to the sea, looking for adventure.  I
> have worked for many
> years as a Cooper, , with stints on land as a
> Galoglass working for the
> Irish.  I now have me own ship, which I liberated
> from the Spanish,  Though
> I speak not the language of the Spanish I have kept
> the ships name as it was
> when I liberated it, the "Estrella Negra".
> So the type of Jerkin I am looking for need not be
> Scottish, but maybe
> something a Scottish sailor might have found useful
> and taken it as a part
> of his kit.
> I wil look at all of the web sites and see if
> anything is helpful.

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