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WOW I slipped up when I typed that one It should have read " I am Caerell
MacDomnaill born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1560"

Only missed it by 400 years.  Before I decided to do Light Fighting I was
planning on being a 12th Century Heavy Fighter.

Caerell MacDomnaill

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> >Well I guess I didn't give enough information on myself,
> >
> >I am Caerell MacDomnaill born of the Highland in 1160.
> OK, a few things to note.  Assuming it's still the 12th century for you,
> you're seriously pre-dating rapier combat by about 320 years.  So anything
> you do from that point on is a compromise with authenticity.  This is not,
> in and of itself, a bad thing.  I myself date my persona to the 1470s,
> slightly before the true development of the arte.
> So, what are your options?  First, you can adapt the clothing a 12th
> Scotsman would have worn.  In this case, a tunic over your armour.  12th
> century fashion was even more uniform than 16th century fashion.  The
> did seem to go for various plaids and the like.  A leather jerkin would
> be an option since such garments didn't exist that early.  One option
> be a long-sleeved quilted gambeson (although not too heavily quilted), to
> simulate the sort of lightweight protection one might wear onboard a ship.
> By the way, you are aware that the state of shipping in the 12th century
> rudimentary at best, aren't you? Most of the Spanish coast was in Moorish
> hands at the time, if I recall. But I digress...
> Your other option is to wear clothing appropriate to the time period of
> activity, in this case, the 16th century.  If so, a leather jerkin
> (essentially, using the same pattern as a doublet) is perfectly
> and I daresay, a dashing fashion accessory.  You'll have to rationalize
> your fighting clothes bear no resemblance to your day-to-day togs, but if
> manage to get away with it, anyone can.
> >So the type of Jerkin I am looking for need not be Scottish, but maybe
> >something a Scottish sailor might have found useful and taken it as a
> >of his kit.
> See above.  For something like a jerkin, the design would really be quite
> universal, with experts being hard-pressed to catalog regional or national
> differences..  Find a good doublet pattern, get your leather, and go to
> town.
> Don Etienne
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