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David Jordan jordand at
Tue Aug 15 15:39:30 PDT 2000

To:  Duncan MacDougall of Mendersham, Rapier Marshal

Please contact me about fencing equipment; if you need equipment for the group (NOT individuals!) I will work with you to get your group outfitted with 'loaner' gear, at minimal price, to get your program going.

Wulfgar von Regensburg, HansGraf  (m/k/a Dave Jordan)
White Wolf Trading Company
254  773-2095  jordand at
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  To any and all Dons, Cadets, and retired fighters, 
  We the people of Mendersham need used but serviceable masks and weapons, whether just blades or complete weapons, for use in training.
  Used armor as well would be appreciated, if you have any to sell please contact.

  In Service to the Crown and the Dream
  Duncan MacDougall of Mendersham
  Rapier Marshal
  (mka Coby Lynd)
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