ARN - Ansteorra's Rose's Tourney

Dean, Jenice A. JENICE.A.DEAN at
Mon Dec 18 07:04:59 PST 2000

The tournament went really well. We had five Rose's in attendance and about
25 to 30 fighters. There was a lovely banner armorial with all the arms of
Rose's which helped represent those who were unable to attend. The
tournament was a standard double elim. Don Simon won the list. There was a
touching presentation of the Defender of the Rose medallion (crafted by
Darius of the Bells) by the Roses and a tender kiss by Don Simon's lady,
Countess Tessa. Larrisa presented Baron Theodric with a ring to hold until
his new del tin arrived. Dona Isobel made fur muffs which the rapier
fighters of Bjornsborg presented to the Roses. The Baron and Baroness
presented a medieval stone rose which had been caste for each of the Roses.

Much fun was had by all. The fighting was fierce and honorable with much
favor being given to the Rose's. It was pleasure to be given the honor of
fighting for the Rose's.
Amerinda di Praga
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