ARN - Ansteorra's Rose's Tourney

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Wed Dec 20 13:13:48 PST 2000

Yes but wasn't the bye non-destructive, thus irrelevent.  Also who got the 
free walks???

Was it the winner of the list.  So if my math is right the list was 5 rounds 
and the winner of the list walk through 2-3 with non-destructive byes.

Modius the Confused.

Being a spectator and not the list Mistress (that was Valeria) I can tell 
you that Sir Simon and Sir Duncan did fight, and Duncan gave Simon his only 
death that day prior to the finals, Simon won undefeated as the "by" fight 
was non-destructive.

I think Avery went into the finals with one death, and killed Simon in the 
first exchange, if memory serves me.  And if memory serves me, it was Avery 
and Don Duncan that whomped Sir Duncan out of the list itself *grin*

Both of the finalists had faced the "not so dreaded by" during the day.  For 
whom Simon met in particular, and for whom the by met, Val would be better 
to respond, or perhaps Maggie, or Harry who was the main marshall of the 

I know that there was a by fight most every round, but since there were 5 of 
us all trying to pay attention to different things we were spread a little 
thin, and I am truly sorry I don't remember who fought my husband as a "by" 
fight and who met him in the regular list, sorry :(.

Hope that helps.

Oh!  Most important, Happy Holidays!

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