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<< Hehe...
 He's probably going to kill me....
 But one of our rapier folk has done something that was quite cool.
 Seems that a fellow who was arguing with his estranged wife while
 standing behind Ld. Piet Rausche (Cadet1313), decided to up the ante and
 pulled a knife on her.  Piet had partially turned and saw the guy tense,
 duck his head and begin his lunge towards her.  Before the knife wielder
 completed his movement, Piet spun and slugged the guy so hard in the
 back of the neck that the guy fell to the ground and stayed there.  The
 knife ended up only lightly grazing the woman's arm....
 When asked by the sheriff how he did it, Piet explained something along
 the lines of- he's a fencer and can tell when someone is beginning a
 lunge and is used to responding quickly...
 Isobel (the snitch; I hope that he told Christiana...  ;)   )
Yes i told her. Boy I sure wish you hadn't done this. *blush*
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