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Greetings fellow Ansteorrans!
Hello!  Once more, I’m soliciting articles for the upcoming Academy of
the Rapier.  Last time, I had a few takers, but still would like to
increase this number.  In this light, after each topic, I’ll list folk
who immediately pop into mind when I think of these topics.  I apologize
in advance for forgetting others who may be equally qualified
don’t let
my forgetting you keep you from volunteering.  Also, none of these
topics are set in stone
feel free to pick something else, or to put your
own spin on a topic.

1. Rapier-Associated Hats:  Which are actually period to
1620?  Felt Hats:  How to block or reblock a felt hat.  Making a nifty
Elizabethan hat from a felt hat blank.  Hat Accessories.  How to make a
cavalier hat.  How to rescue wet feathers.   Aaron? Truly?  Benedict?
2. Torso:  Period patterns that will result in something that is legal
under the new rules.  How to make those nifty slashed/paned sleeves.
Judy’s Linen can be used to make a heat-reducing 3-layer doublet/shirt
combination.  Making a period pouffy shirt.  A quick and safe
under-shirt shell.   Who is the Judy’s Linen originator?
3. Gloves:  Glove maintenance.  Glove creation.  Cuff
addition/modification of mundane gloves, to create a period flair.
Glove Sources.
4. Pants:  Repeat Tivar’s Quick and Dirty trunk hose?  Pattern for the
Big Pants with canions (Benedict).  Or
A less cloth consuming pattern
for these pants (Galla/Brian?)
5. Boots:  Ways to make a period boot from somethign you buy at
Walmart.  Boot accessories.  Spatting/slashing black tennies (Tivar).
6. Hoods:  Pattern for a hood that’s directly afixed to a fencing mask.
Hoods/padding techniques used for fencing helms of various styles.
7. Helms:  What’s out there, when are they from, how to make various
styles legal, pros and cons of use.
8. Gorgets:  A comfortable rapier gorget-   Alexander?
8. Weapons:  What’s all this about daggers
(discussion/description/source for the new dagger types
Aaron?)?  Article about origin, etc, of Del Tin Blades and
who is selling them.  Period schlager/del tin specific techniques (Aaron
or Iolo).  40+ inch blade strategies (Alexander?).  Training an Epee
right (so that it lasts as long as possible).  Making a swept-hilt,
epee-legal (even at Pennsic, Avery)  ). Actual fighting:  Cloak-guy’s
favorite Cloak techniques (Avery??).  Basic Buckler Strategies
(Geoffrey?).  Using a scabbard (Lionardo?).  Using a Belaying pin
(Xeno?).  Very-effective-killer’s favorite drills (Elias will write).
Warm up drills.  Hand Sniping.  How to focus for a tourney.  Case is
Fun...if you practice it correctly.  Basic Case (Hawkins will write).
Successful Ground Fighting.  A short course on Tourney Styles.  Fighting
in defensive stance.  Using your opponents sense of timing against him.
A short fighters advice on killing tall people.  Fighting in the
Round.   An Ansteorran in the West (Xeno?)
9.   New Fighters-  Becoming Authorized. What to expect at your first
Tourney.   Beyond Authorization.  Etiquette on the field.  How to gain
infamy, quickly.  Advice on Blow Calling.    Good starter blade combo to
buy.  Good basic moves that can kill overconfident experienced
opponents.  A newby’s first day out...what should you teach him/her?
Hills and Canyons; don’t get discouraged when you seem to be
deproving!    Effective teaching strategies.  Goals for the new
fighter.   The learning Curve (Hawkins is writing).
11. What is a Cadet.  What misc. Dons look for in a cadet.  (Compile a
Cadets-corner faq on this, Piet??)
12. Theory:  Italian vs French dueling concepts.  Were Rapiers used at
War?  The Roaring Girls; A reasonable English Rapier Persona for women
(Isobel).  What are we doing out here, anyway?  etc., etc.  Women on the
list field.  Famous Rapier Duels.  Great movies for Rapier fighters
(Kazimir).  Great documentaries/instructional videos for rapier
fighters.  “Remember...this is supposed to be fun.”
13. Misc:  Crossing over to Heavy Fighting...what can I expect?  A
rapierists guide to the HW Spear (Tall Brian??).  Fighting rapier in
other Kingdoms (Tivar
a modern reprise?).  Fighting Rapier at War
(Kayleigh, Haro
14. Youth Rapier.  Introduction to Ansteorran Youth Rapier (Piet or
Aethelyan?).  Summary of Rules that are different from Adult rules.
Advice when teaching kids (Valentyn?).  Marshaling Kids (Aethelyan).
15.  Summary of Society Rules changes.  Kazimir?
16. Marshaling:  How to inspect a blade (Ansgar)?  How to make a drop
tester (Dore?).  Etc...

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