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Please forgive my absentmindedness............. as I sent before, but with a correction....

We of the Shire of Tempio, as hosts for the Queen's Champion Tourney, do invite your attendance at this event and encourage your participation in the Feast to be held Saturday evening.  If you reserve your place(s) at the feast early, there is a goodly savings on the cost; $ 5.00 per person paid in advance, $ 7.00 if paid on site.

As you plan to attend and enjoy this fellowship with our Good Queen and her court, please send your reservations in early!  Email is good, but snail mail will guarantee your savings!  Please make your personal cheques payable to the Shire of Tempio - SCA.

vr,  Roanne of Tempio
    m/k/a  Donna Jordan
               4013 Deer Trail
               Temple, Texas  76504
                jordand at

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