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Thu Jul 6 10:27:27 PDT 2000

The following is a COMPLETELY hypothetical question.  Absolutely.  Fer

If you were in charge of the Academy of the Rapier, Number ???, booklet,
and you and your faithful assistant Amerinda had everything  coming
together nicely, so that it actually was in the process of being
printed.....except for the cover page, which, because your artist fell
through, you don't have, and so you now have to have to come up with a
cover very soon, AND figure out the proper number for it, on your own,
which isn't impossible, because you're fairly artistic, but
unfortunatunately seem to be suffering from a horrible creative block,
so you can't think of what to put on it, probably because you were up
until 2:00 AM finishing a Buckler article and putting together the rest
of the damn booklet last night with Amerinda and drinking entirely too
much tea and eating too much pizza, and then woke up at 7:00 AM thinking
that your pain-in-the-ass dogs were chewing through the shed outside
your bedroom window)...what would you put on the cover?

Anyone?  Bueller?

The completely hypothetical Isobel

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