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gptaylor gtaylor at
Thu Jul 6 10:43:53 PDT 2000

Scotty is supposed to be:   But I'm not connecting.
MAS has more or less disappeared.

If you wanted to get creative and don't mind buying things from Triplette, write
or call for Phillip and hope that he picks up his messages when on the road.  If
he reads his email and -if- they brought any with them, Triplette is at the
National Fencing Championships, in Austin.  Phillip's coming down to our Academy
this weekend.   If all of the planets allign and they have any doublewides with
them, perhaps one could be delivered.  I'd give this about an 5% chance of
actually working out.


Erik Langhans wrote:

> Does anyone have the phone or emil contact numbers for Scotty Armoury or MAS
> Weapons?  I need a doublewide bad.
> Modius
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