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In absence of a number, just call it "Ansteorran Academy of the Rapier, A.S.
XXXV". Forget the number if that is holding you up.


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> The following is a COMPLETELY hypothetical question.  Absolutely.  Fer
> Sure.
> If you were in charge of the Academy of the Rapier, Number ???, booklet,
> and you and your faithful assistant Amerinda had everything  coming
> together nicely, so that it actually was in the process of being
> printed.....except for the cover page, which, because your artist fell
> through, you don't have, and so you now have to have to come up with a
> cover very soon, AND figure out the proper number for it, on your own,
> which isn't impossible, because you're fairly artistic, but
> unfortunatunately seem to be suffering from a horrible creative block,
> so you can't think of what to put on it, probably because you were up
> until 2:00 AM finishing a Buckler article and putting together the rest
> of the damn booklet last night with Amerinda and drinking entirely too
> much tea and eating too much pizza, and then woke up at 7:00 AM thinking
> that your pain-in-the-ass dogs were chewing through the shed outside
> your bedroom window)...what would you put on the cover?
> Anyone?  Bueller?
> The completely hypothetical Isobel
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