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gptaylor gtaylor at
Thu Jul 6 11:13:11 PDT 2000

We had actually thought of using that picture.  Kinda hard making it look good
in B&W...but might still be nice.  Especially when surrounded by the Correct
Numbers.  Here's what Piet has said...
1995 wiesenfeur #10
1996 stepps #11
1997 temple #12
1998 bonwick #13
1999 none found
2000 seawinds defalt #14

unless you can find a black star for 99 that shows us having one. which i
could not find one. this would be 14.


But.... the last one really DID have a 20 associated with it..  I think that
Piet's probably right, though.  What say the rest of you?  If he was wrong,
"Well, Piet said so" sounds really lame.  If I can blame the Kingdom Rapier
Marshal, instead, this is ever so much better...

Isobel (firm believer of CYA)

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