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Mon Jul 10 15:01:18 PDT 2000

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> Subject: ARN - Academy
> > I assume (hope) everyone got back from Academy in one piece.  I for >
>one found it enjoyable; not the best I've been to, but still in the top
> >or four.
> >
> > So, what did the rest of you think?
> >
> > Etienne
> >
> I really enjoyed myself.  The classes were all great.  The site was nice,
> smaller than I thought, but a good size once everything got underway.  The
> booklet looks great, too.  Thanks Isobel and Amerinda!
> Hawkins

Glad to hear everyone had a good time.  Wish I could've been there.
...sigh... maybe next year.  ;-)
Say Isobel, is there any way you can put the booklet on the Ansteorra Rapier
Website in PDF format so those of us that couldn't make it get a copy of it?
That would be cool....  :-)    Thanks a bunch...

Adlersruhe, Ansteorra

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