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Fergus from Rosenfeld. Hope this helps.

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> Greetings unto the People Of Rosenfeld (and beyond) from Fergus
> It's time for me to get an update from everyone who generously volunteered
> for duties at Queen's Champion. Below is an updated list of what y'all so
> foolishly agreed to do. Please let me know as soon as possible where you
> stand with your various burdens. I am trying to get everyone together one
> last time for a pre-event meeting. Looking at my Old Seadog calendar I see
> that not much is happening on the weekend of July 15-16. I would like to
> schedule our meeting for one of those days. If y'all want we can have
> BBQ, or get pizza or whatever. It shouldn't take all that long to go over
> business. I would appreciate it if each of you would let me know whether
> not you can make it one of those days and give a preference. Any
> on a location would also be appreciated. I'd kind of like to have it
> somewhere with air conditioning available. It's gettin' pretty obnoxiously
> hot outside now and I can't think so good when my brain case is cookin'.
> Ye olde List o'Duties
> HE Annora- Lady of the Gate. She will coordinate all gate related
> including cash box, tokens, sign in sheets, waivers, children's bracelets
> strong-arming volunteers. She will also choose a date and recruit
> (me first) to produce a new Shire banner and some decorations for the list
> field ropes.
> Don Ansgar of Aachen- Marshall in Charge. Don Ansgar will be in charge of
> assigning other marshals to fields, armor inspection, coordinating combat
> activities and paperwork with the List Mistress, and determining the
> for running the list.
> His Grace Duke Jean-Rischard- Children's activities. We will have a wading
> pool for the kids (Did you say you would acquire one or did you want me to
> it?) as well as
> whatever else he can think of to keep them busy.
> Crinan MacOwain- Waterbearer. Crinan will set up the waterbearer's station
> and assign at least three waterbearers to assist him. Crinan will be
> responsible for providing the Gatorade, fruit, etc. Crinan will also be
> bringing his two pavilions for Her Majesty
> and for waterbearers.
> Rienhard- Chirurgeon. Rienhard will make himself available to render first
> aid if necessary for the duration of the event.
> Lady Caitlin Blakstok- Feast Steward- Lady Caitlin will be responsible for
> overseeing preparation of the feast, setup of the hall, directing servers
> others assisting in food preparation. I stress overseeing here. She will
> help for half a hundred unforeseen things and I hope that if she asks
> to do something that you will jump right to it. I know I'll be jumping.
> Lady Caitlin has also agreed to contact our neighbors in Steppes and
> for help with serving and also for banners to decorate the hall.
> Mistress Rhiannon- Mistress Rhiannon will be assisting Lady Caitlin with
> feast and will be in charge of providing a luncheon for Her Majesty. She
> also said that she can see to the provision of serving trays, cooking and
> serving utensils, and the borrowing of a sufficient quantity of cookers
> coolers for the feast. She will also be Chief Laurel in charge of
> me when I forget something and helping me fix whatever I screw up.
> Lindy Hubl the Undecided- Lindy will be in charge of
> making the small pouches that will function as site tokens. She will also
> assisting in the kitchen.
> Fergus O'Siadhail- In charge of whatever falls through the cracks. I will
> provide the list field ropes, SCA signs, my pavilion for the List
> colored banners for field designation, a wading pool, hoses, extension
> sound system for Her Majesty, set up porta-potties and ice, event
> announcements for the Black Star, update the website, coordinate with Her
> Majesty, and anything else that comes up which hasn't already been
> Currently, I have completed the list field stands and ropes, bought the
> material for the colored rope markers and made arrangements for the feast
> hall. I'm still working on ice, the porta-potties and a few other things.
> Don't forget that Mistress Rhiannon is assembling a gift basket for Her
> Majesty and asks that everyone contribute some nice little thing to put in
> it. I already got mine. You can get in touch with mistress Rhiannon for
> suggestions.
> I hope to hear from y'all soon,
> Fergus

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> Can anyone guide me to the Autocrat for the upcoming Queen's Champion
> or, if you happen to see this request, could you identify yourself to me
> privately?
> Wulfgar von Regensburg (of the Shire of Tempio)
> (Dave Jordan - jordand at
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