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Chris Backus cbackus at
Mon Jul 31 10:46:08 PDT 2000

I was told that nobody posted the results of Ansteorra's Queen's Champion
tournament.  I'm sorry if I am mistaken.

Lord Edward Mercer, Cadet to Don Alden, late of HRM Kayleigh's guard, won
the list.  He fought beautifully and the last round was a marvel of chivalry
and friendship between he and Don Valentyn.  Edward is the first cadet to
win Ansteorra's Queen's Champion tourney in about five years.

Don Duncan is the newest holder of the Queen's Blade of Honor.  This is well

I missed the names of the two young gentleman who are the newest Guardians
of the Queen's Hope.  I believe one was Ian McConacher.  Will someone please
post their names?

Don Hawkins

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