ARN - Are Del Tin's still experimental?

Cynthia Hamilton jaysmom at
Mon Mar 6 04:30:18 PST 2000

Greetings all,

I have decided to take the plunge into HR but am uncertain whether I should
buy the oval cross-sectioned schlager or the diamond cross-sectioned Del Tin. 
 I have heard that the Del Tin is *better* than the schlager in terms of
better flexibility, less breakage, more historically accurate, etc.   But
exactly how much better is the Del Tin?  Are there statistics to compare or is
it just a perception that they are better? 

Also, I'm wondering if Del Tin blades are still considered experimental?  If
they are , I would hate to invest the money to buy a toy I may be told later
on that I can't use.   Then have to spend more money to get the schlager blade.

So, should I get the Del Tin or the schlager blade? 

Any opinions out there? (yes, I know that's a loaded question . . . )

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