ARN - Are Del Tin's still experimental?

R. Smith superboy at
Mon Mar 6 10:49:57 PST 2000

Allow me to be among the first to state my heavyhanded opinion. :)

If you are not used to heavy rapier, I recommend starting with a smaller 
schlager.  I personally like the "short", stout, 34" schlagers, but even a 
37" will be less unwieldy to you than a Del Tin.  After a half a year of 
regular schlager practice, I still find the Del Tin difficult to be really 
effective with.  It is nice for range, nice for quality, and it is a really 
spiffy reproduction, but I hold to my claim that they are a bear to use, 
particularly if you are used to solely lighter stuff.  And they cost an arm 
and a leg. :)

I went through this same angst when I was deciding what to get, but I'm 
glad I picked up a shorter blade first.  Someday I will be pleased to get a 
Del Tin -- but only when it's not an expensive toy for me that when I use 
it, I get smeared.

To my understanding, the Del Tin is considered suitable for all schlager 
uses in Kingdom.  Reality check, people closer to the source?

Student of Walter Robin

At 12:30 PM 3/6/00 +0000, Simone wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I have decided to take the plunge into HR but am uncertain whether I should
>buy the oval cross-sectioned schlager or the diamond cross-sectioned Del Tin.
>  I have heard that the Del Tin is *better* than the schlager in terms of
>better flexibility, less breakage, more historically accurate, etc.   But
>exactly how much better is the Del Tin?  Are there statistics to compare or is
>it just a perception that they are better?
>Also, I'm wondering if Del Tin blades are still considered experimental?  If
>they are , I would hate to invest the money to buy a toy I may be told later
>on that I can't use.   Then have to spend more money to get the schlager 
>So, should I get the Del Tin or the schlager blade?
>Any opinions out there? (yes, I know that's a loaded question . . . )
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