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Walter Robin aborman at
Fri Mar 24 08:51:42 PST 2000

I have recently discovered Palla's Armanta, an English fencing manual published 1639.

( on HACA, the Historical Armed Combat Association )

This is an exciting find for me, since it validates my personal style, and will work in an SCA context, I believe, providing high survivability and greater success.

If you study this manual, you will see that he typically provides a move and a series of possible counters. (Later chapters provide counters to the counter moves) So there is no "one" sure-fire move, and the winner will be the one who can best execute the sound principles of swordplay.
I particularly recommend this to anyone who feels like their growth has stagnated or anyone who feels lost on attack.

I'd be happy to discuss this, or other manuals with anyone.

Walter Robin
cdt Navarre

( Other source for online manuals: Academy of European Medeival Martial Arts )
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