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Fri May 12 18:52:48 PDT 2000

--- Russell Husted <husted at> wrote:
>   After a few recent conversation with a several fighters I was left
> with an 
> unsavory taste in my mouth about tip cuts.

Much big Snip......


     Having been an SCA rapier combatant for Many years..... Not
counting here it might confuse the new guys...... I can COMPLETELY
sympathize with your confusion and frustration. 
     The confusion with the acceptability of tip cuts becomes even more
profound in an inter-kingdom tournament where people revert to the
rules of their own kingdom. I have found that it is best to calibrate
with your opponent before the actual bout and determine how you both
want to call the tip cuts. 
     I too have taken real knife wounds to the torso and arms. The
angle of attack was the same as a tip cut. I took a 2 1/2 inch cut
across my left bicep that completely immobilized my arm. Personally I
will call a tip cut, but that is due to my own experience and I do not
expect my opponent to do the same. 
     Much of the trouble with calling these blows, (regardless of what
the rules say is a good blow)comes from the fact that we put these big
blunt things on the end of our blades. In the heat of battle this can
often feel like the flat of a blade being dragged across, or not felt
at all if given too lightly. It is difficult to give a tip cut that
feels like a TIP cut without hammering your opponent. Many of us do not
seek to hit like gorillas, and so it is easier to avoid the issue all
together and not use the tip cuts.

Joy to you


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Seek to have a beautiful, graceful soul. 
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