ARN - Academy of the Rapier - Call for Artwork

Dean, Jenice A. JENICE.A.DEAN at
Tue May 16 10:03:05 PDT 2000


	I am assisting HL Isobel Grace Hadleigh with compiling the next
Academy of the Rapier Handbook.  We are currently looking for artwork from
our talented artisans and doodlers both for the title page and for filler. 

Please submit a brief description of your concepts for the title page.

In addition to the previous call for Articles we would like to see:

*	Descriptions/patterns of how people have padded helms to make them
legal for our use. 
*	An article which provides a review of helms which are period for
*	How to make a very simple, basic gorget, with pattern. 

Thank you for your contributions.

Please send information and questions to:

Amerinda di Praga - DeanJe at
Isobel Grace Hadleigh -  GTaylor at


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