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Wed May 31 20:44:31 PDT 2000

"R. Smith" wrote:

> As for the great indoor/outdoor debate, like Stephan, I'm not sure there's
> much new to say; [snip]
> Chandranath
> (aka the guy with the turban and the cute baby)
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I agree as well. Are there any new points of view on this subject?

I will not be able to fight at this Queen's no matter where it is held.  If it is
inside my knees and hips won't allow it.  And if it's outside I won't be able to
take the heat.

The only thing that matters is where HRM wants to have it. She has to watch the
fights no matter where it is held. And she won't be able to make everyone happy no
matter what she chooses.

Delphina (who just couldn't keep her fingers from typing this.)

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