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paul kaveshan pkjdw at
Wed May 31 21:10:44 PDT 2000

Hey guys...Idea time.

Lets do both, outdoor fighting with air conditioning.
The have the neat things out called misters.  Just attach to a hose and we 
can make an area just off the field in the shade where the misters are set 
up.  These devices cool down the air somewhere between 10-20 degrees.  If we 
have the field in the trees shade also.....

I have 2 such mister devices. one is 10 feet long with 6 nozzles(still in 
the bag) and one about 6 feet long with 4 nozzles.  I can bring them or have 
arranged to be on the site.

This is just another option if we do fight outdoors and in sun or shade.  
These things are portable.

What you think??

Ld James

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