ARN - Okay, you know who you are!

Jehangir Madan j_madan at
Thu Nov 2 15:34:05 PST 2000

heheh verily twas me Chandra. Alessandro whom you first met at to soak a 
queen some months ago! the quote was mine I freely admit ;-)

>I asked, eh, elsewhere, and got no response.
>At Bryn Gwlad this past weekend, I was introduced to _someone_, and they 
>and I quote very closely, "Oh, you're the one that sends all the email!"
>Yes, yes, laugh it up. :)  I just want the author of this immortal 
>to remind me who it was so I can at least attribute it properly when 
>'Fess up!
>Lord Chandranath, Cadet to Don Timothy
>Deputy Nordsteorra Herald
>Rapier Marshal and Captain of the Plumes of the Shire of Mooneschadowe
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