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What a loaded question.  In its basic format, the white scarf is an order set 
up to reward those who excel in rapier play and also are good examples for 
the rest of the community.  The constitution of the order reads that it will 
recognize thos with exceptional skill and chivalry in rapier combat, service 
to the kingdom and its people, knowledge of the courtly graces, and obediance 
to the laws and ideals of the kingdom of Ansteorra and the SCA.

It is the highest award available in most kingdoms for rapier combat, much 
like knighthood is for combat with rattan.  Unlike knighthood, it is not a 
peerage (the hghst level of award, but grant or AOA level depending on the 

Its members call themselves Don  or Dona, and are selected by the queen, with 
advice from the other members of the order.

Did that give a general overview?  Is it clear as mud now?

Hope this was a little bit helpful.
Cadet to Don Ansgar

>I'm still kinda new to the SCA and fencing...and I don't know what the 
>award is.... could someone please inform me.
>Colleen Lacy 
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