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Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at
Wed Nov 22 06:31:04 PST 2000


This is an Ansteorra specific post, my apologies to
those lists that are world wide lists. 

Her Royal Highness is hold a tea at Squire's and
Cadet's Invitational, on December 2nd, in order to get
to know those who have taken up the art of the rapier
but who have not be invited into the circle of the
White Scarf.  
Lady Nicola de Setta is in charge of organizing the
food and drinks for the tea and has asked me to
request help from the rapier community. 

If there are any good gentles who would like to help
out please let me know privately at 

lady_rapier at 

Lady Nicola has divided the foods into three groups: 

Sweets: like gingerbread, shortbread or cakes.
Neutrals: like stuffed mushrooms, finger sandwiches,
cheese and crackers, fruit.
sours: like pickles, olives, 

I would remind you that Her Highness cannot eat raw
onions but does enjoy fresh fruit and chocolate.

If you wish to contact Lady Nicola her address is:

hefrantz at

She is not on any of these lists. 

I remain in Service

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