ARN - To all Ansteorran youth rapier, a challenge

Christopher Parra chris17604 at
Thu Apr 5 05:27:42 PDT 2001

    I must have missed your earlier message; I am not currently on the 
Regional list.   the Bonwick competition sounds great, but I'm afraid my 
brother and I will be unable to attend.  You may want to try asking around 
Brym Gwlad (pardon the spelling)as there are several excellent youth 
fighters out there.  I apologize that I cannot attend this event, but I look 
forward to meeting you on the list field in the not so distant future...

-Christopher Parra, Bjornsborg


This message is addressed to all Ansteorran youth rapier fighters.

The 28th of this month (April) Bonwicke is hosting Champions de la Croix.  
Our illustrious Baron and Baroness have created a baronial defender position 
for the winner of the youth rapier tourney.  I, alas, am the only youth 
rapier fighter in Bonwicke, and I am seeking competition for the title.  
However, when I posted on the Western Region list earlier, I received no 
response, which concerns me.  Are there simply no more youth rapier out 
there, or did they not heed my challenge?  Whichever the case, I am issuing 
the challenge again.  If you are youth rapier and can or wish to attend 
Champions de la Croix and will fight with 
me in the tourney, e-mail me off the list at rapiers_thrust at and 
accept this challenge! The gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge issued, 
will you accept?

Eleazar Harrington

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