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Wed Apr 18 22:27:13 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the good gentles of the lists and welcome to your weekly 
Their Highness Ansteorra have called for support for Ansteorra and her allies 
at this years Pennsic War.  But unlike years past, Pennsic is not only 
brewing full of adventures to come but is also celebrating its 30th birthday. 

Also unlike years past -- this year Ansteorra will have a larger area for her 
Kingdom to have chili night and with which to have additional space to revel. 
 Unfortunately, this additional space will quickly disappear unless YOU 

Though only April, preregistration for Pennsic only has a little over a month 
left (June 1st). Please go to the Pennsic war site at and get a preregistration form OR pre-register 
at Elfsea Spring Fair or Steppes Warlord.  Most importantly -- don't forget 
to put down Kingdom of Ansteorra on the form. 

Let the Known World hear the roar of Ansteorra!

HE KayLeigh, WSA
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