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Thu Apr 26 10:17:56 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the good gentles of Ansteorra,

Though the battle cries of war are fading away, plans for next years Gulf
War's rapier scenarios are already being considered.  For the past two years
Don Robert has acted as over all commander and liaison for Ansteorra.  He is
tired and is stepping down from this position.  Their Majesties has asked
that all interested parties who wish to be considered for this position --
and/or any member of the populous who wishes to nominate someone -- to
please e-mail them and Their Highnesses by the 18th of May.  Their Majesties 
and Their Highness willtake all applications and nominations into account and 
make their decision baseson this information.

Below is the duties and responsibilities for the Commander for Gulf War. If 
you do not feel that you can fill all of the duties but wish to assist, 
please also contact Their Majesties and Their Highnesses regarding that 

Duties as follows:

 *      Travels to each region of the kingdom at least 1x in a 3 month period.
 *      Must attends at least one event per month with an average of two per
    month (both being in different regions)
 *      Understand the need to travel may dictate ones event schedule more 
    they wish
 *      Highly recommended to travel to the GW negotiation's meeting out of
    kingdom and to travel to out of kingdom wars (this is not paid for by
    Kingdom Funds and would be  an out of pocket expense)
 *      Be a part of the conventions committees - at least 1-2 hours a week
 *  Person must have e-mail abilities - IM or ICQ recommended -- will answer
    mail and send out information for at least 1 hour every other night to
    every night for the last 3  months before war.
 *      Create flyers for practices and copy them at own expense - at least 
    copies each time
 *  Organize the Kingdom fighters and motivate them to attend war -- to be
    worked on at least one night per week, every week until GW.
 *      A possible increase in long distance phone bills per months.
    (approximately $50/mo)
 *      Organize the regional commanders - at least 1-2 hours a week
 *      Have real knowledge of the kingdom's fighters and their capabilities
 *  Make sure our marshalet is aware of any concerns there maybe with
    regards to scenarios and conventions
 *      Be responsible for make sure Ansteorra contributes marshals to the war
 *      Work with Her Majesty to assist in selecting fighters for champions
 *      Assist in integrating and allied troops and dealing with their 
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