[Ansteorra-rapier] Not Going to Pennsic? How About Lughnasad!

Caerell MacDomnaill caerell at home.com
Mon Aug 6 18:29:55 PDT 2001

What to do, Not able to make it to Pennsic this year?  So what are you gonna
do? Sit around the house all weekend long? No, I have a better Idea. Grab
your garb, the tent and the kids, if you don't have any kids, grab a friend
and hit the road.

Drive on out to The Canton First Monday Trades Days Site (Everyone knows
where that is right?)  :-p

The Canton of Loch Ruadh is hosting a Celebration of the Harvest, Lughnasad,
Come out and enjoy a leisurely weekend.

Friday Night starts with a Hafla (Middle-Eastern party) Bring your Drums,
Dancers, Something to drink, or just yourself and enjoy.
     Hosted By Hakken and Zahara for your enjoyment.

After Free coffee and tea the next morning we get things rolling...

Saturday we will be hosting a Youth Rapier Tourney!
First Prize is a Triplette R-8 Rapier (w/ Foil Blade)
          Generously Donated by Lord Alasdair Alaric MacIain
So come on Bring your Youth Rapier Fighters to Lughnasad, and have a good

Oh yeah, there are also Adult Rapier, Archery and Chivalric Tourneys and
many other things to see and do as well.

To see what all is going on check out the web site:

Laird Caerell MacDomnaill
Rapier Marshal, Canton of Loch Ruadh

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