[Ansteorra-rapier] With a flourish

Travis Walker twwalker at interlinkcc.com
Wed Dec 19 11:14:43 PST 2001

As you pass through the commons grounds you see a well dressed Lord
walking across the commons.  He stops short of one of the poles with a
flare of his
cloak, making certain to draw as much attention as possible.  Once he
feels he has
sufficiently attracted the attention of most of those around, he
deliberately removes a
handbill from his pouch and tacks it to the post.  He is careful to add
a couple of
especially loud blows to finish it off, to make certain he has the eye
of everyone on the grounds.  He then briskly walks away pretending as he
notices none of the eyes on him or the bill.

As he leaves you push your way through the small crowd that has formed
to read the bill as follows:

I, Ld. Edward Mercer and the Shire of Emerald Keep, would like to extend
a personal invitation to dine with us.

There will be prepared a sumptuous meal that will leave people praising
the cooks
magical powers.  Through their mystical abilities with foods and spices,
they will
transport a feast directly from the late 1500's England to your table.
Though, I assure you, there is no magic in this, only pure culinary

The first remove will be a mouth-watering corned beef, with cabbage and
flavored with bacon and onions.

The second remove will consist of a delectable roasted hen with a fruit
and nut
stuffing, as well as, a side of honey glazed carrots.

The third remove will warm your bellies with a wonderful lamb stew,
bread, cheese,
and paté.

The fourth and final remove will be a bread pudding with brandy sauce.

As your mouth waters, you read on to see that this marvelous feast is
only a mere $6 for adults, $3 for lads and lasses 5-12.

You find that it is to be served at the wonderfully centrally located
Shire of Emerald
Keep at the conclusion of The Ansteorra Academy of the Rapier on January
19, 2002.

It is noted in the fine print that this wonderful feast will surely fill
up quickly, and you
are advised to make reservations early.  An odd scripting follows with
the following
symbols. twwalker at interlinkcc.com.  You try making a clicking sound over
symbols as it says, but others just look at as you have lost your mind.

You vow to find out how to make this work and reserve your spot for such
a glorious feast.

Ansteorra Academy of the Rapier, January 18-20, 2002.
Come join the best fighters of Ansteorra for a two days of classes and

Feast reservations need to be made to:
Travis Walker (twwalker at interlinkcc.com)
(254)867-1665 (no calls after 9pm please.)
Nobles of the feast:
Lady Ealasaid-Na-Ailea, and,
Her Lord Husband

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