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pubear pubear at
Mon Feb 26 19:10:45 PST 2001

Hey mercer, this is pubear.

If we do good this weekend at crown, I would like to order a helm for my
wife.  I'll talk to you this weekend.  Hope to cross swords also.  I'm
getting itchy, been to two heavy events in a row, and I want to kill
something.  Hope to make you sweat more this time.

Just to also let you know.  I'm going to be a distributor for WKC solingen,
and will be offering wholesale to anyone.  For a $500 order, I'll be
offering 30%.  Triplette sells these blades also, and I'll be able to
undercut him.  I'm getting them at his price.  They're carbon steel and
should be good quality.  I'll tell you more about them at crown tourney.
I'm doing my first order this week, but it may take me a couple of weeks.
Expect my first opportunity to sell will be at emerald tourney.  So you'll
get first sight.

Bardic Champion of Emerald Keep
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> Anyone interested in helms to be modified for rapier, please see the
> following sight.
> Thanks,
> Edward Mercer
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