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David Jordan jordand at vvm.com
Sat Jul 14 17:20:58 PDT 2001

Thank you for this consideration, Don Dore,

Each of us who participates in our sport believes to some extent that our
views and opinions should be considered before significant (and sometimes
insignificant) issues are decided / ruled on.  I, personally, feel that the
WSA acts well as an advisory 'board' to TRM and the KRM.  They represent
quite well most of the rapier community; however, there are those of us who
do not have direct and immediate access to the members of the WSA.  To the
best of my knowledge, there is no WS in Tempio (my shire).  We have a small
group active in rapier and would relish a direct link to the advisors who
are working for us.  I know this sounds a bit political when we live under
an autocracy, but perhaps a little influence from Jolly Old England would be
in order; perhaps one of the WSA could be appointed (elected?) to represent
the interests of us without a resident WSA?

just a few 'liberally democratic' thoughts floating about here........

In Service to the Dream,

Wulfgar von Regensburg
Shire of Tempio

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> I have a question for the non-WS fencers out there.
> When the WSA considers candidates or rapier issues, what sort of
> advisory roll should the rest of you play? I think we agree we should
> at least consider your input but how important should it be? Also, how
> should we go about getting your input?
> None of this is to suggest you cannot advise the Crown or KRM directly
> but the WSA serve the community as well as the crown and it seems to
> me we need to be in touch with that community to represent it.
> Note that this question is was not prompted by anything happening
> among the WSA, it is just me asking questions.
> Don Dore
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