[Ansteorra-rapier] Re: Advisory Role :)

Laurie Garnes llgarnes at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 18 16:14:31 PDT 2001

Thank you, Dore, for remembering us!  :)  I like Wolfgar's idea of a
representative for different areas that do not have a resident WS.  Perhaps that
would help those of us who rarely see them unless we travel great distances to
seek assistance more readily, as well as having a voice in the community.  Larkin
was correct in his assessment of WSA visitations to the Western Region.

Muirghein MacKiernan of Trelac

> I have a question for the non-WS fencers out there.
> When the WSA considers candidates or rapier issues, what sort of
> advisory roll should the rest of you play? I think we agree we should
> at least consider your input but how important should it be? Also, how
> should we go about getting your input?
> None of this is to suggest you cannot advise the Crown or KRM directly
> but the WSA serve the community as well as the crown and it seems to
> me we need to be in touch with that community to represent it.
> Note that this question is was not prompted by anything happening
> among the WSA, it is just me asking questions.
> Don Dore

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