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> Y'all have got to quit exporting your Dons!
> We'll have to put a moratorium...
> Any Westies who receive white scarves MUST promise to live in the
>region for at least 3 years, and not move to Dallas!  ;)

Ok, I promise 3 year at least :-) DO I get a cookie now?

No really now, on the subject of the Western region and rapier   We do Have
rapier fighters here, really, I  promise  Not many of us are well known
because we as a whole do not travel out of thier home group or the Western

>>Oh, boy here it comes -- duck --Marquet's getting on to his Western Region
soap box--<<

 I have heard over and over that if we had more WS in the Western region
more people would come to our events. You know step back and think... ..if
you get and award or a cookie  or a new rapier balde   Does this make you
something your aren't?  NO!  The White Scarf is an award it does not make
the man or woman behind the scarf!  We have a bunch of good people in the
Western region,  but since not may of us travel we imbread our skills
teaching the same thing over and over. No getting better and sometimes
getting worse.  Traveling is the key. Both to learning and to getting people
to come hee to the Western Region.    If memebers of the region would get
out more and travel and invite others back to the Western Region or your
local event then we would get more people out to our region.  ost tourneys
in your local groups, and Demos for rapier.  I know for a fact that there
has been one offical rapier demo reported in the last 6 months in the entre
Western Region.  Yes, we are way out here in no mans land; however, if well
are not willing  to travel to other regions then why should we expect
everyone to flock to our events? We as a whole in the rapier community have
to meet the rest of Ansteorra at least half way.  We as the Western Region
have to quit saying poor us,  no one loves us, and  get up off our duffs and
show people that we are worth  travel the distance to come see the Western
Region. I am not asking for a bunch here, but an event out side of region
one every 2 or 3 months would go a long  way.  Once a month would be better!
We can all come up with reason not to travel.......and therefor people from
the other regions can make up reasons not to travel here it works both ways.
If we say it's to far to travel they throw it right back in our faces.
Before you start saying no one comes to my event,  or we don't see enough WS
, or know one knows the rapier fighters in the Western Region..... Think of
how much they see you at  events, and kingdom practices.

True, this year we have had 3 Don have visit us at events and one at a
practice  ..this year.  How many of  our Western region rapier fighters
have gone to a Kingdom level rapier event, like Queens? This year..... I
think not that many!  I just ask the member of the western region to try to
look from and outsiders view before you guys start tell others what they are
not doing..

We must be proud to be from the Western Region and don't take this pity us
we are from the Western Region stance.  It gets us nothing. You get what you
put into this game....and if you're not willing to travel and ask someone to
come to your area or event then why should they?   If we have a low opinion
of the region then how can anyone outside the region have a high one?
enough said for tonight............

Tripping after coming off soap box  >>self note:: more foot work drills
needed<<.....Please think about what I have said . I have not said anything
trying to offend anyone in the Western Region or outside it.  I just needed
to express my ideas on this subject, I am sorry if I came across harsh it
was not my intention............  and I told myself I would stay out of this

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Hyet
Western regional Rapier Marshal and Commander

> Isobel
> Charlie Cain/Larkin O'Kane wrote:
> > BSilveraxe at aol.com wrote:
> > >
> >  If you have 10 WS in a barony and they see a candidate all they time
> > they are as agroup going to be more familiar and more amiable towards
> > them and therefore that candidate would have a stronger voice in the
> > circle.  On the other hand if you have 4 active WS in an entire region
> > the candidates from that area are going to suffer from that for the
> > lack of support from the numbers in the circle. 4 - 10 are not good
> > odds in any book.
> > >
> >
> > And 0 - 10 are even worse. This is not entirely accurate for the
> > westen region, Even though we presently have NO members of the WSA in
> > the region, we DO have several who HAVE lived in the Western Region
> > and are aware of the difficulties here. [Yes, I know that's a double
> > entendre]
> >
> > > The members of the WS are among the most dedicated to thier craft of
any of the circles.  They take it very seriously.  As they should and for
those who aspire to thier level should take it seriously also.
> > >
> >
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