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Sun Jul 22 08:33:43 PDT 2001


Okay putting on my flame retardant suit...........

I must say that I understand your frustration.  I also started in the West -
Bonwicke and traveled for 49-50 weeks for almost 5 years for instruction and
to see friends.  I had lived in the Elfsea area for barley a year when I was
elevated to the WS.  As with you -- I begged and ask folks to come to events
and after some time people would come. I also asked people to fight at events
sometimes I got some fight and sometimes I got the I'm busy or tired.  And
yes - I believe I sorta remember all those who made the trip out West because
it meant so much and happened so little.

BUT in saying all that -- people tend to travel were their friends are
at.....the more I traveled the more I knew people the more "favors" I could
ask.  A person wont just say hey - I'm interested in driving 400-500+ miles
if they don't know who is there -- just the nature of people and our game.
There is usually only a very small group of folks that ever travel out of the
West.  And a portion of those -- when they do travel -- they tend to sick to
themselves and not interact with others in the kingdom.  I didn't do that
because I was lucky enough 1/2 the time to be traveling with a previous Queen
of the East and a WS she was dating.  The other 1/2 of the time -- well no
has ever accused me of being a wall flower and I just started introduction
myself to folks and being a nudge.

As far as the getting people to fight -- the only time I will say no is if
I'm still in a tourney (wanting to watch other fighters) or I'm that tired.
Yes sometimes I'll say later because I'm really really interested in the
fighting going on.........I'm a WS I gotta teach and well sometimes I gotta
watch too. But with re: to pick ups I'm usually the person walking around to
others and asking if they want to fight.  When during the day are you asking?
 Are you asking the same people? Are you reminding them that last time they
said that they would do it next time?  What are the events that you are doing
this at?  If is Sat at Steppes when there is no tourney for Rapier -- most
Rapier folks will fight -- if it is during a Queen's - most fighters -- even
those out of the tournament want to watch........

Again - I understand your frustration but there are ways around it.

HE KayLeigh, WSA

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