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Brendan McEwan brendan_mcewan at dhope.net
Tue Jul 24 11:22:52 PDT 2001

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For all those interested, here's some of the events I'll be at in the near future.  I usually try to spend 2-3 hours doing pickups in the afternoon as long as a circle doesn't get in the way.  I usually have the stamina to last throught 3-4 fighters before I'm tired so if your wanting some time, grab me during those rounds.  If I'm working with someone else, don't be afraid to ask to work in with us.  I only have 60 minutes in an hour and while I try not to let one person monopolize my time, sometimes it happens.


> Brendan - I have seen you and taken a class from
> you, and only crossed blades with
> you once (It was a blur that lasted mere seconds, as
> I recall *challenge turney*)
> :) I'll continue looking for you, however, as I've
> taken a class of yours and
> would like more instruction on not telegraphing.
> You asked what events I plan on
> attending.
> Queens (I understand that one will be difficult to
> drag some people away from, but
> I will be staying for Sunday's practice)

I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be doing some melee work, but I'll also be doing some pick ups.

> August is up in the air, but Lughnasad is looking
> good.
> Gothic War (Come join us in the West, we have a
> "rollickin' good time"!)
> Defender of the Fort (fingers crossed)

Plan on being there.

> Elfsea Defender (questionable, but still keeping an
> eye on it)

Plan on being there

> Bryn Gwlad Baronial

Try to be there

> Bjornsborg Baronial
> Samhain Stew (Tempio)

If people(notice the plural for all rapier fighters out there) will show up, I'll show up.

> After that, I'm not sure at all.
> Thank you for your time.
> Muirghien MacKiernan
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